No monopoly on truth

This was an opinion piece about having no monopoly on truth. I saw it in the newspaper and agreed with it.

“I’d like to be as sure of anything as many people in this country today seem to be about everything. The problem is that their beliefs and opinions are based on propaganda. Extreme radical wings of their political party indoctrinate them by the news and social media. Not on facts.

No one has a monopoly on truth. Reasonable people can differ on the solutions to complex social and political problems. Generally, some people are brainwashed. Moreover, they believe that their point of view is the right one. Finally, they believe opposing views are to be disagreed with and attacked and demonized.

If we don’t learn how to once again have reasonable and rational debates and learn how to compromise and have bipartisan programs to solve our nation’s problems, then we will certainly lose our freedoms and our democracy.

Right now, the prospects for that don’t look very good.”

My View

Truth is a word that some people have trouble dealing with. We hear things with our own ears and see things with our own eyes, but sometime we refuse to believe what we heard or saw. We will deny because it does not make our point or it was not politically feasible.