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WOKE: What Is It?

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What is “WOKE”?

What is WOKE and what does it mean?  Webster’s definition of woke is:” being conscious of racial discrimination and other forms of oppression and injustice”.

Being “woke” means having good manners, common courtesy, and the ability to show empathy and respect for others, especially those different than ourselves.

GOP’s View on “WOKE”

Republicans, calling people and things “woke” is just their shorthanded way of derisively rejecting all the above-mentioned values in favor of their preferred values of arrogant rudeness, gratuitous cruelty towards anyone different than themselves, and complete selfishness.

My Grandchildren

Having 6 grandchildren (ages 12,11,10,9, 7 and 1), I worry about their future. I look at things going on in the world and wonder what it would be like for them when they grow up.I am fortunate that they are being raised by intelligent and hard working parents. But, good parenting cannot always protect children from the ills of the world.  I grew up in a time where we made our own fun. We would be outside playing as much as we could.  We competed against each other and learned that losing is not the end of the world, but a way to make yourself try harder.  I see where everyone gets a trophy no matter if they are first or last. I believe this is making future generations less competitive with others and accept whatever happens.  We make our own luck, we do not wait to have it handed to us.

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