Hi!  Who am I? No one special. I am just someone who wanted to put some of my thoughts about the world down on paper (or out into the world).

I am a retired Law and Economics teacher, small business owner, someone who ran and served 8 years in a political office, and an administrator at a major corporation..  I grew up in a small southern town with small town values.

I registered as a republican for my first chance to vote at 18 years of age.  Over the years I almost always voted republican with very few exception. Over the last few years I became disillusioned with my party because of their views and now I am registered as a Democrat.

I have seen both sides and have agreements on ideas from both side.

The one thing I pride myself on is that I study things, I do not just fly off the handle like many people do today. I read, study , and get informed before I open my mouth. Something I wish both sides of the aisle would do before they say anything.  If you agree with my views, I thank you, if you do not agree, just remember they are “My Views” and not meant as condemnation of your beliefs.